Bulldogs News · Positive Coaching Alliance All Sports Parent Mtg Aug 20th




Brighton High School has partnered with The Positive Coaching Alliance to educate our coaches and parents on how to create a Development Zone where kids thrive, both as athletes and as people.

Please plan for at least one parent/guardian from each family to attend our PCA HS Sports Parent Workshop on Aug 20th from 6-7PM. You will not be disappointed as PCA’s most common remarks following high school parent workshops are, “I so wish I had heard this when my kids were younger” and “This applies to so much more than sports!”.  

There is clear research and wisdom on the role parents can play to give their kids the best possible chance of reaching their potential in sports. For many parents, this role is counterintuitive and good intentions end up having the opposite effect. Let’s do it right! For more on the Positive Coaching Alliance, see: www.positivecoach.org


Thank you,


Ty Gordon

Brighton High School

Assistant Principal/Athletic Director